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Fire Glass in Crystal Clear Half-Round Droplets (4.4 LB)

Item No. 63262
$ 25.99

Product Details:

Enhance your fire-viewing experience with FireSense fire glass. Half-round smooth heat-safe tempered clear glass "droplet" pebbles are for use in all LPG and natural gas fire pit burner bowls. This variety of glass pebbles matches those that arrive with Fire Sense fire pits and are the perfect addition for extra volume in your fire bowl.

If you are unsure if the part you are ordering is correct, please contact our customer service department and they can assist you in making the selection.
  • Flattened half-round droplet shape mimics beaded liquid
  • Matches the original fire glass shipping with Fire Sense fire pits
  • Tempered glass for fire safety
  • 4.4 lbs of clear fire glass
  • Single bag - most FireSense fire pit bowls can accommodate 4-5 bags of fire glass.

NOTE: Sharp glass! Broken glass pebbles may have sharp edges. Handle with gloves.