Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been intrigued by fire. The allure of a dancing flame combined with needed heat has proven to be at the core of human living. Fire provides light, warmth, relaxation and a mesmerizing affect which encourages people to unwind and enjoy life. The popularity of fire pits has grown tremendously. They are now also known as conversation pits. Given proper design and construction, fire pits will ensure a safe and fun-filled experience that will last for years.

Fire Pits Designs and Styles
Outdoor fire pits are no longer a round pile of rocks. Today, there are a wide number of designs and styles which include the lpg fire pit and stainless steel fire pit. These designs provide attractive looks for outdoor gardens and add perfect ambiance to any home.

One of the latest design trends is to utilize fire glass in fire pits to give an unmatched design flare previously not seen. To give your fire pit a dazzling and sparkling appearance include fire pit glass which is colorful glass crystals that look like diamonds or colored stones flickering in the flame.

Fire Pits Construction Tips:

  • Fire Pits Construction Features

Typical fire pit construction involves digging a pit, raising walls with blocks or bricks and veneering the outer area with stone, stucco, bricks or tiles. Consider these measurements while selecting a proper height for your fire pit: the best height for putting your feet up is 12 to 14 inches in height. If you install them higher, your legs may become uncomfortable. A standard seat height is 18 to 20 inches which should be comfortable for most people.

  • Consider Local Weather Conditions

The bottom of your fire pit should provide drainage so that water does not accumulate in the fire pit after rain. In areas with heavy rain you may consider using a cover over the fire pit to prevent water accumulation.

  • Design for long term use

Select a Stainless steel fire pit bowl that will substantially outlast a simple steel fire bowl. 304 grade stainless steel has superior anti-corrosion properties which will result in a much more rust free environment than other less expensive grades of stainless steel.